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S2E26 - Las Vegas Town Fridge Project - John Chou

How you can help the community with small food donations and understanding

Las Vegas Town Fridge Project

What can you do to help during this pandemic? UCLA Grad John Chou needs your help to spread love and community by filling fridges. LV Town Fridge Project started one day when Chou got sick of of seeing all the food waste during his volunteer work. He realized there might be a simple, inexpensive solution: a community fridge. Chou tells Chefs Lorraine Moss & Louiie Victa years of helping at different non-profits gave him the skill set and the determination to take on food insecurity one fridge at a time. You can assist by dropping off fresh fruit and vegetables or prepared food at one of the project's two locations: 1010 N. Main St. Las Vegas 1041 Sweeney Ave. Las Vegas They're open 24/7. If you or someone you know or a business you know can host a community fridge, contact John at [email protected]

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